The Mecca of Mexican Enduro. Oaxaca is considered a center of international attraction for cyclists of all levels due to its tracks with excess flow and excellent development of 22 trails that make up one of the best places to ride your mountain bike worldwide.

Oaxaca: One one of the best destinations for mountain bikers

For this Bike Trip we will travel 4 days and 3 nights. We recommend you buy flights and leave us your bicycles, so you will find the most pleasant trip without worrying about transporting your bicycle.

The departure time is defined by the attendees, in such a way that you can freely schedule your flights or leave your work with peace of mind to leave all together at a time that suits us all.

The first day is transportation, that is, we will only arrive in Oaxaca. The following days we will shoot from early until sunset, having a meal as a break and contemplating breakfast and dinner as the start and end of the day.

Short clinics will be held throughout the Bike Trip to improve riders’ performance on the bike.

Bike-Trip Oaxaca Whistlerpeji

The last day will be enough for us to do one 14km track ( El Toro), which descents all the way to Oaxaca city.

The trip includes lodging in the ‘Sierra Urbana’ cabins. These cabins have a small bike park where we will be very happy to give short jumping and driving clinics to those who are interested.

Hotel @sierraurbana , you can find more pictures with their instagram account @sierraurbana.


$950 USD per person. All included ( Lodging, transportation, meals, park fees, guides, mechanical service & special requirements)
* 3 persons required for this trip. Prices may increase if there’s less riders in our group.

$80 USD bike rental ( High End Enduro)

We can pick you up at Mexico City or Oaxaca airport, we can also make a personal schedule in order to help you with transportations to your hotel or any special requirement ( extra fee).

Contact us to personalize your trip. We offer this service every day of the year.

Pregunta por nuestros datos bancarios para realizar la transferencia y guardar tu lugar en nuestro BIKE TRIP.


Yes. Vegeterian or any special meals are included ( 3 per day). We stay at Sierra Urbana hotel. Other options are available with a different cost. Please contact us if you would like a special quote.

Please contact us. We will ask you some questions that will help you define your status.

There’s no uphill. We lift every rider to the top of the trail so you can ride all the enduro ( downhill) trails. If you get tired, there will always be a van for you to sit comfortable while the group rides.

If you cancel 3 weeks before, 100% of your payment will be given back. 2 weeks before = 75 % back. 1 week before = 50% back. 6 days or less before = no money back.

We can take your bike and help you with transportation depending on the location where you stay. We can pick you up at both your hotel and airport, but exta fees may be required. A 20 USD discount per person is made if you do now wish to stay at our hotel.

Yes we can. Please contact us and we will make our best to make your special trip.

What do you need?

  • Enduro bike ( full suspension)
  • Helmet and protection gear
  • Good riding level. It’s all downhill. You will need good riding skills in order to have a pleasent trip.
  • The mechanical parts used to repair the bikes are not included, please consider extra $ in order to repair your bike if required
  • all health requirements stated by mexican law ( COVID)


  • Transport from/ to Mexico City
  • Bike Park Fees
  • 3 day lifts
  • Guides and mechanical assitance
  • 3 meals per day ( no alcohol included)
  • Hidration

Not Included

  • Photos or videos
  • Mechanical parts in case your bike requires to be fixed
  • Health Insurance


Departure 10 am

Meeting point: To be defined. Can be your hotel or airport service.

7:15am Breakfast
8:00am Lift to Whitlerpeji
2:00pm Meal
5:00pm Ride back to the Hotel
7:30pm Dinner

The last day of riding will conclude at mid- day ( 12:01 pm).